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About Us

Our Story

It all started a few years back, when we wanted to start a t-shirt and  company. It was a brusque failure, and in our eyes it boiled down to the fact that it was too difficult to run both the business and creative sides of the company.

The archaic way of finding a supplier, printer, designing the product, guessing the sizes/styles/colors, and holding inventory – all while paying thousands upfront with no guarantee of success…

In late 2013 social commerce became a boom town. It was new, it was fun, and it seemed people from all walks of life were having some success. Crowdfunding was new and it eliminated the upfront costs. There streamlining of internet commerce tools, where companies would do the work for you, and offer a platform to sell on. There were some major players and platforms in the industry already, but the options were very limited.

As direct marketers we knew the industry was lacking fundamental features. Giving rise to Teefleet; Out of pure necessity.

Teefleet was built by marketers for marketers. We revolutionized the way these new entrepreneurs looked at their business. We brought proven techniques and features to the table that were not available anywhere else.

In just 6 months, our bootstrap startup grew into an industry disruption. Our exponential growth has caught attention of top marketers, influencers, athletes, and the likes of billionaire Mark Cuban – all in a private beta.